Simple Organic was born to be a positive impact brand. From the harvesting of our raw materials, to the disposal of our packaging after use, we care about making the process as sustainable as possible.

On this tab on our website, we share with you firsthand our actions in favor of clean, natural, organic, vegan and sustainable beauty. Here, you can check our production processes, social actions, data, and much more.

Caring for the planet and giving back to nature are priorities for us, and we count on you to help us in this mission.




Our raw material is safe for the consumer. We always seek to innovate and find the best proposals that do not pose any risk to health



We aim to provide dignified and fair conditions for the workers in our entire chain: from the communities that extract our raw material, to the salespeople in our franchises.


Transparency around the production process, as well as the principles and processes of suppliers and brands, is crucial. It is essential to have access to this information in order to know whether the product is, in fact, clean.



Patricia Lima is a publicist, with a background in Advertising and postgraduate degree in Journalism and in Fashion. She worked for many years as a Fashion Editor and Creative Director for many Brazilian textile brands. Along with that, she covered many Fashion Weeks with an independent magazine created by her, Revista Catarina, until she became a mother.

With motherhood, Patricia started questioning everything she was doing in life and understood that making a positive impact in the world was her goal. With that in mind, she decided to leave her previous career behind and pursue a new passion: sustainability.

"It was in natural beauty that I found my answer, and there was nothing in Brazil yet. With that need and goal in mind, I went on to develop formulations made only with organic, vegan, natural, cruelty free, and gender free ingredients." - Patricia Lima, CEO of Simple Organic

It was in Sustainable Beauty that she found her path to impact the world positively. One day, as she was breastfeeding her daughter (and at the time still wearing a lot of synthetic makeup), Maya put her tiny hand on her mom's face and then put it back in her mouth - that’s when Patricia decided to stop using synthetic makeup forever.

Years and years of research were needed to get to the final products with the quality and high performance that she wanted. Simple was born on São Paulo Fashion Week, as a brand that believes in beauty and sustainability as a way to impact the world in a positive way.